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Learn to play
Improve your game
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Have you ever wondered about trying golf with your friends and family and did not know where or how to start?

GolfStar Cambrils is the perfect destination.

Beginning to play golf is not expensive (as little as 5 euros per person)
Beginning to play golf is not time consuming.
Beginning to play golf is great with friends and families.

We have golf coaches with over 45 years of experience in helping the best players in the game and the newest player enjoy their golf more.

We offer a range of classes and group sessions that will help everyone. Throughout the year will offer the following and so much more.

• Get into golf sessions.
• Language exchange evenings.
• Individuals improve your play classes.
• Junior golf academy.

Pitch and Putt academy. For those looking to specifically improve their pitch and putt play or handicap or get prepared the right way for an upcoming important event we have the team that can help you.

Carlos Poley, one the best players of Pitch and Putt in Catalunya is our coach and club manager. He will be on hand with the support of Andy Gordon to help you improve the areas of your game that will your play to the next level.